Posted by: getthenac | January 7, 2011

Vanderbilt’s new iPhone app for expectant parents: “Babytime”

from Wayne Wood:

Now this is a cool thing. From the press release:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is Proud to Announce the Birth of a Healthy, Happy Parent-Friendly Endeavor — Baby Time, an iPhone Application for Expectant Parents. The Baby Time app is free and available through the iTunes app store.

The app, the brainchild of Vanderbilt’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Medical Center’s strategic marketing department, is designed to help expectant parents know when it’s time to come to the hospital, and, when a case of delivery day amnesia sets in, includes a map directing them to Vanderbilt University Hospital.
Baby Time has four features: a contraction timer to track contractions and the time between contractions; a hospital quick dial for calling the provider and other important people on the couple’s notification list; directions to Vanderbilt University Hospital (the app is compatible and integrated with Google Maps for directions); and a Frequently Asked Questions section specifically about labor and delivery. The FAQ section includes some of the most often asked questions: When do I call my provider? May we take photos? What do I bring? Where do I go? Did my water break? Am I having false labor?

Read the whole press release.

See the WKRN News 2 story (one of many on the new app)

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