Posted by: getthenac | December 8, 2010

There Are Places I Remember

from Wayne Wood:

A few years ago Sharon and I were in Liverpool and arranged with a local guide to take a tour of Beatles sites. We saw Ringo’s childhood home, the school where John studied art, the churchyard where John and Paul first met, the roundabout at Penny Lane where George and Paul would catch the bus, and other places made famous in song and legend.

One of the stops was a suburban house, 20 Forthlin Road, where Paul lived as a teenager. It was in the front room of this house where the teenage Paul McCartney would hang out with his friend John Lennon and write songs. One of the songs written in that front room, the guide told us, was “I Saw Her Standing There.”

It was a cold windy day in Liverpool, and as I heard the guide’s words and looked at this routine suburban house, I thought of another cold day, Dec. 9, 1980.  I had a  job working at a mall bookstore and had gotten up to get ready for work and, when I turned on the news, I heard that John had been murdered the night before. I woke Sharon to tell her the news and numbly finished getting ready for work.  By that time, radio stations all up and down the dial were playing Beatles and John Lennon songs in tribute,  and when I started the car that morning, the song that was playing was “I Saw Her Standing There,” a joyous song about scoping out a pretty girl at a dance, a song that two teenage boys had written in the parlor of 20 Forthlin Road half a lifetime ago.

So, again, on this morning I’m thankful for the joyous music that adds to my life. RIP John.


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