Posted by: getthenac | September 3, 2010

Your vote can help Shade Tree Clinic

From Carole Bartoo:

The Shade Tree Family Clinic needs your help. The free clinic, run by Vanderbilt University School of Medicine students, is applying for a grant of up to $50,000 from the Pepsi Company through their Pepsi Refresh website at Voting for their project lasts through the month.

The Shade Tree students listed their project as “Expand free health care services to an underserved community” on the Website under the health section, in the $50,000 category. Since the clinic relies on donations to offer care, medications and medical testing to people in the Nashville area who are uninsured, they rely heavily of successful grant opportunities like this one. The cost to supply the Shade Tree clinic is about $130,000 a year.

“They can vote for our proposal once a day for 30 days. A grant like this would be invaluable for our ability to help the people of Nashville. We have terrific volunteer power, but the financial resources are not so easy to come by. We might add that it is especially important for us at this time, because some of our patients lost a lot in the flooding,” said Shade Tree student co-director Ben Deschner, a rising second year medical student.

The Shade Tree Clinic is a completely volunteer-run clinic by medical students and Vanderbilt physicians that provides free, quality care to the underinsured and underserved community of East Nashville. The money raised with this grant will go to mostly to medications, vaccines, and community outreach programs, but also a new in-clinic heart monitor (EKG) machine and ultrasound. The Shade Tree website is

You can sign up at, to be put on a daily list serve to remind you to vote for the Shade Tree grant proposal.

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