Posted by: getthenac | May 28, 2010

Stories from the Deluge

From Wayne Wood:

A team of writers, photographers and designers from NAC and Creative Services is finishing up the issue of House Organ that will be out next week. It is not the June issue I had planned–those plans were washed away in the early May flood. It was obvious that the flood had affected hundreds and hundreds of our coworkers at Vanderbilt, and that this was a story we had to tell. The issue, which was written and photographed in a little over a week, has 17 stories, most of them profiles of Vanderbilt employees who were impacted. We were also able to fit in excerpts from five comments posted to this blog in response to a call for people to come here to tell their flood stories.

I can’t say how proud I am of the people I work with. When the call went out for volunteers to work on the issue, staff members were eager to help. Paul Govern, who was wrapping up last minute details on his way to begin a sabbatical, wrote a story. So did Jessica Ennis, who was on her way to a new job in Denver, but used some of her last hours at Vanderbilt to pitch in.  Our photographers fanned out to take portraits of the employees we interviewed. And designers Jeremy Teaford and Keith Wood turned in a beautiful job on a tight deadline–and Keith nailed an iconic cover image, too.

None of us wants bad things to happen, but the story of people struggling with those bad things, and rising above the despair, is one that we all need to know and hear.

The House Organ Special Issue, “Flood, Sweat and Tears: Stories from the Deluge” will be on newsstands and online Friday, June 4.


  1. Thank you so much for telling these amazing stories! I know there are many more incredible stories out there, so this is just a sampling of how the Nashville and Vanderbilt communities worked together after the flooding. The stories are touching, inspiring and almost make you want to break out a box of Kleenex! Thank you dedicating this issue to these tremendous people and their stories.

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