Posted by: getthenac | April 13, 2010

Great Writing, Hard Subject

From Wayne Wood:

In the history of the Pulitzer Prizes, there is one person who has won the Pulitzer for Feature Writing twice: Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post. His work is a mixture of detailed, obsessive reporting, careful writing, compelling storytelling and smart editing. When the writers in NAC have our monthly writers’ meeting, his name comes up a lot, the way that in a meeting of trumpet players, somebody will sooner or later  mention Miles Davis.

Here is Weingarten’s winner for this year, titled “Fatal Distraction,” about parents who forget their children in hot cars. Warning: because he is so good at placing the reader in the lives of his subjects, the story is difficult and harrowing. It will haunt you.  I think the whole world should read it anyway.


  1. Wow, this article hits you right in the gut, but I agree, is definitely worth reading. I have forwarded to some of my family members who also have small children.

  2. Wow. Very powerful. Thanks for sharing it Wayne.

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