Posted by: getthenac | April 12, 2010

Good Guy Finishes First

from Kathy Whitney

While I did not get to watch much of the Masters on TV this weekend, I did follow the story of Phil Mickelson’s win with great interest. I have always thought that he seemed like an affable fellow with a pleasant smile and a nice demeanor on the golf course. When I heard that his wife Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2009, and his mother shortly after that, he became even more interesting to me. Would he rise to the occasion and place his family first? Or, would he disappoint in the same manner as John Edwards? Mickelson cut back on the PGA tour significantly last year to be with his family. His win on Sunday, juxtaposed with Tiger Woods’ fourth place finish, was a sweet moment that demonstrated to me that good guys can finish first. As soon as he finished the 18th hole, he embraced his wife who was waiting for him with tears in her eyes. She had been too weak to be present to watch him play in the Masters, or any other tournament this year, but she surprised him at the end of a long, hard-earned victory, and they walked off the course, hand in hand. If Phil Mickelson is not the man of integrity I imagine him to be, I hope I never find out.

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