Posted by: getthenac | April 9, 2010

Two thousand words

From Jessica Ennis:

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is certainly true of our talented photographers here at Vanderbilt. Two photos by photographer Joe Howell have been included as finalists for a national Children’s Miracle Network photo contest. Only six photos were chosen as finalists, and when you look at the photos below I think you’ll understand why. They are truly beautiful and convey so well the work of our hospital. So congratulations to Joe!

Ten-year-old Cristian Chavez underwent eight hours of complex surgery to repair a heart defect he was born with. Here he shows off his scar. Cristian was an international charity care patient who came here from Honduras to receive treatment.
Chris LeMelle, M.D., carries conjoined twins Keylee and Zoey Miller from the transport crib to the operating room. Zoey and Keylee were omphalopagus twins, fused from the lower breastbone to the navel. They were separated in complex operation, the first of its kind at Vanderbilt.


  1. Yea Joe!

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