Posted by: getthenac | March 17, 2010

Who is Irish?

From Wayne Wood:

My wife Sharon has red hair and freckles and looks more Irish that most of the people in Ireland. Years ago on a trip there, we stayed at a place outside Limerick, and when we were leaving the next day I took a picture of Sharon with the innkeeper, Agnes. It wasn’t until we got home and I was looking at the photos from the trip that I realized that Agnes, who was brunette, was wearing a red white and blue USA sweatshirt, and was standing beside Sharon, and that anybody who was asked which of these women was American and which one was Irish would not guess right. Maybe that’s a St. Patrick’s Day parable about how much of America is Irish, and vice versa.


  1. My mother, Agnes, was born here of Norwegian immigrant parents.

    You’re a lucky man and clever too to have married so well. I’m told women named ‘Sharon’ are terrific individuals.

    Sharon O’Hara

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