Posted by: getthenac | February 18, 2010

Where you found me

From Wayne Wood:

I am about to send to press only the second issue of House Organ ever to be online only, with no print edition. We did that with one issue last year, and we’ll do it with two this year. In this, House Organ is following in the steps of our sister publication the VUMC Reporter, which published eight online-only issues last year. Some readers are perfectly OK with this, of course, and others hate it. “How am I supposed to take an issue to lunch with me?” was one lament somebody sent me.

I cannot believe the flexibility and power of online publishing—the ability to enrich a story with more pictures, video, links, and to allow readers to debate a story. But I also value the feel and power of a newspaper or magazine in my hand.

I knew early in my life I wanted to be a writer, and I’ve been lucky to earn my living that way for most of my life. I’m grateful for stories to tell and readers to tell them to, wherever they find me.

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