Posted by: getthenac | February 15, 2010

Uphill battle for downhill skiing

from Leslie Hast:

The Olympics are off and running despite a horrific death on the luge and a malfunctioning flame. But Canada finally got its first gold medal at home, so all is well.

As I mentioned in my first post, skiing events were set to start on Sunday, but a multitude of angels were looking down on Lindsey Vonn and weather conditions have been terrible. I read something that said it has been snowing at the top of the mountain and raining at the bottom. But that has given her plenty of time to heal that shin bruise, and she has said she will be ready for the first women’s event on Wednesday.

The men’s downhill kicked off the alpine skiing events this afternoon. It will be shown on the primetime broadcast tonight, so I won’t ruin it for anyone, but let’s just say Bode Miller finally lives up to some hype.

I’m most excited to tune in for snowboardcross tonight. It’s like motocross, except with snowboards instead of motorbikes. I’m expecting some exciting wipe outs!

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