Posted by: getthenac | February 5, 2010

The “Big Game”

From Wayne Wood:

Have you noticed that in advertisements for big screen TVs, snack foods, and anything else that might have some sales tie-in with the Super Bowl, advertisers never call it the Super Bowl? They call it the big game, or sometimes Big Game. “Watch the Big Game on our super duper plasmatronic TV!” they exclaim. “Gorge yourself to the point of emesis with our new  Cheeze ‘n’ Jalapeno Fritter Cones while you watch the Big Game!” they exhort.

I can only assume that the NFL doesn’t allow just anybody to use the phrase “Super Bowl” in an advertisement. Probably a fee is involved.

This does not strike me as smart. If you were a marketing person for the NFL, wouldn’t it be your top priority on earth, rising far above the level of living the examined life or working for world peace, to have the words “Super Bowl” said as often as possible?


  1. Big game is the annual football game between Cal and Stanford.

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