Posted by: getthenac | January 29, 2010

Like a Song on the Radio

From Wayne Wood:

NPR news had an item this week on the Haiti earthquake that profiled the only Haitian radio station that was undamaged enough to remain on the air during and after the earthquake. The report focused on the importance of the station in reuniting missing relatives and providing news to residents, but I was fascinated by a relatively trivial fact in the story. It seems that when the quake hit, the song that was playing was the Eagles’ “Hotel California.” When the building began to shake, the DJ ran for his life into the street, but had the presence of mind to hit the “repeat” button on the control board. So, as the world shook, buildings collapsed, and one of the worst disasters of the past 100 years unfolded, for a half hour people all over Haiti, wherever a radio was playing, heard Don Henley sing the song that concludes,  “You can check out any time you like/But you can never leave,” over and over and over.


  1. At least it wasn’t Steely Dan’s “Haitian Divorce.”

  2. That’s creepy.

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